Prof's Videos


Prof’s Videos form a series of “video-lectures,” 23 in all, such as you might experience when studying Systems Engineering at college or university. The videos make a set; although each video addresses a particular topic in its own right, yet each is best understood in the context of the others, and together they pretty well cover the whole subject.  (Mind you, that rather depends upon what you think Systems Engineering is really about.) And, just for fun, there are a couple of videos about ancient Egypt and the Pyramids. Why? Because, in retrospect, it seems that the ancient Egyptians practised a form of systems engineering of their own devising, and it is possible to reconstruct – and admire – their approach and their methodology. But the Pyramids are an entertaining diversion, really, from the main subject, which addresses such topics as Systems Made Simple, the Systems Approach, Systems Thinking, Systems Methodology, Chaos, Emergence, Complexity, Architecture, Viability, and Systems Engineering Vs., Engineering of Systems to mention but a few. You can see the full list on the pull-down menu at the top, Prof’s Videos

Where to start? How about Just what Is Systems Engineering? This is the first video, date-wise, and offers a gentle introduction to this vast subject. After that, you may find it helpful to root around the site, looking not only at more videos, including - but not limited to - those linked above - but also at different themes, tutorials, papers, etc., to back them up.

All of the videos can also be seen on YouTube at, and you are welcome to view, download and use any or all as you wish. But, please, do not abuse, misuse, or take them out of context...