Systems Engineering: A 21st Century Systems Methodology

This book details and explores the systems approach, using theory and method to reveal systems engineering as applied systems science, bridging the gulf between Problem and Solution Spaces; a 'universal' Systems Methodology' (including an extensive view of systems engineering, embracing both hard and soft systems) which encompasses all five of Hitchins' 5-layer Systems Engineering model (artefact, project, enterprise, industry and socio economy);

Case Studies illustrating how the systems methodology may be used to address a diverse range of issues and situations, including conceiving an new defence capability, proposing a feasible way to tackle global warming, tackling enterprise interventions, how and why things can go wrong, and many more.

Systems Engineering will give an immeasurable advantage to managers, practitioners, and consultants in a wide range of organizations and fields including police, defence, procurement, communications, transport, management, electrical, electronic, aerospace, requirements, software and computer engineering.

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