Application of the Systems Methodology,
– Land Force 2010

"Putting the Systems Back into
Systems Engineering"


The Land Force 2010 Scenario was also presented as a UK INCOSE Tutorial in April 2005. The following paragraphs link to PDF versions of the PowerPoint slide presentations, using which the tutorial was delivered to a mixed group of UK systems engineers, many already experienced in conventional SE practices...

The presentations in sequence are as follows:

  1. Systems Philosophy It is important to understand what we are doing, how, why, and whether it is justified.
  2. Identify, Bound and Explore Problem Space Always the starting place for proper systems practice.
  3. Conceive a Potential System Solution
  4. Design a System Solution
  5. Optimize that Solution's Design
  6. Prove that you have done it

Each of these presentations should open up in a separate window on your browser, so - if you wish - you can have several presentations open at once, to enable you to go back and forth - it can help!

Note, too, please that one of the tools used for identifying, bounding and exploring the problem space is the Rigorous Soft Methdology. This invaluable methodology is the subject of another INCOSE tutorial: 

The National Nuclear Power Issue 

Whether or not you are interested in such an issue, the tutorial shows how to address the issue rationally, logically and system-scientifically... the method is important if its conclusions are to be valid and taken seriously...

November 2007