Getting to Grips with Complexity

Complexity is a, uh, complex issue. Many people have a view about complexity, but not so many can entirely justify their view.

I have attempted to do that: to address complexity as a topic, and to justify my observations and conclusions. You must judge for yourself whether I have succeeded…Consider the figure below, for example: it purports to show levels or organization and layers of systems engineering for all of life and all of man-made and man-comprised systems. Does it succeed? Does it simplify a complex world? Or, is it too complex? Or does that rather depend upon "where you are coming from?"


Meanwhile, my attempt at addressing the subject is a paper, but also comes in the form of an e-Book, which can be seen by clicking the link.

"Getting to Grips with Complexity."

Within the paper/e-Book, I have had the temerity to propose a Law of Entropic Cycling, which is to Open Systems what the Second Law of Thermodynamic is to Closed Systems… I welcome any sensible challenge to the proposed law.