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Putting Systems to Work (Click for book and to download your copy…)

Getting to Grips with Complexity (On-line Book - eBook -  addressing a tricky subject - not for the faint hearted!)

This is an on-line book which examines the subject of complexity, what is it, how does it come about, should we be concerned, can we exploit it, and so on!

It even comes up with an alternative to the 2nd law of thermodynamics - the Law of Entropic Cycling. Cheeky! But very serious, too…

Part 1. Understanding Complexity

Chaper 1. Introducing Complexity

Chapter 2. Variety

Chapter 3. Connectivity

Chapter 4. Disorder 

Part 2. Getting a Handle on Complexity

Chapter 5. Systems Thinking

Chapter 6. Developing a Standard Approach

Chapter 7. Vantage Points

Part 3. The Social Genotype©

Chapter 8. Models of Evolution

Chapter 9. The Social Genotype©

Chapter 10. Beliefs and Behaviours

Part 4. Towards a Theory of Complexity

Chapter 11. Stability and Chaos

Chapter 12. The Dynamics of Order and Disorder

Chapter 13. The Law of Complexity (This Chapter expounds the Law of Entropic Cycling)

Aim, Objectives and Activities of Systems Engineering - A Guide to Proper Practice (Also on-line)

This is the original on which the IEE's Draft Guide to the Proper Practice of Systems engineering was based. Patrick Moore, John Boarder and myself formed an executive subcommittee within the IEE's Systems Engineering Executive Committee and came up with this as the basis for formal practice.

Unfortunately, the IEE - in its wisdom, and allegedly in the person of one John Parnaby - decided that it did not approve of the guide. Apparently John felt that his company did not run like this. No comment.

You may read the guide and make up your own mind, here

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