Going Ape! A Systems Anthroplogy

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This is a book about humans and their systems. Essentially, then, about the systems within us, our social systems, and the systems we design. We humans have a curious physiology; we are the only land animal where the female goes through the menopause: why? We evolved to pair-bond, to live in family groups, and to work-share between male and female: why? On average, the human female lives longer than the male: why? How is such a creature, Homo sapiens – evolved to deal with problems of existence and survival on the open African Savannah – coping with the radically different problems of today?  Going Ape! tracks the ascent of humans towards civilisations, which have come and gone; looks at where we are today, with our penchant for social engineering, political correctness, multicultural societies, social media, technology, radical feminism, etc., and finds evidence that things are beginning to look decidedly less civilized! There appear to be increasing levels of young people with mental dysfunctions, too: why?  

We would also be bound to ask, where is it all going, with more of us living longer in ever larger megacities, increasingly resourced through globalization, threatened by global warming, rising tides, reducing agricultural land, turbulent weather systems, developing shortages of fresh water, successive energy crises, and so on? How are we going to cope in the future, with more people to feed and less land on which to support them? Will we have to live quite differently - are we, perhaps, all doomed? Or shall we escape into space, and if so, how?

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  Going Ape! 
A Systems Anthropology



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